Roof Repairs in Regina, SK

Roof Repairs

Leaks and other issues can occur to roofing systems over time. Roofing issues can occur because of insufficient preventative maintenance, damage due to weather, and a number of other reasons. Nex Gen Roofing can get your roof back to optimal conditions, enabling your business to continue running smoothly.

The root cause of leaks and other damage that may be effecting your roof are not always obvious. Nex Gen Roofing can diagnose your concerns and perform a complete repair in both a timely and cost efficient manner. Before any repairs are performed, you will receive an inspection report including:

  • A Written Assessment
  • Photographs
  • Suggested Repairs
  • Repair Estimates

We will gladly walk through the entire report with you, explaining any questions or concerns you may have. Give us a call today to get started and get your roof back in working condition.